The Best Swords in Gaming

Video games have produced a lot of iconic weapons over the years, but the sword still remains the staple for many gamers (including this author) when they pick out weapons to carry into battle. Some blades are used for their power and others used for their abilities, sentimental value, or other reasons. If you’re lucky, you might even find these video game swords for sale!

First, we have the blades of Chaos, which combine the destructive power of jagged twin swords with that of twin flails. Bound to the arms of the warrior Spartan Kratos in the God of War games, these blades can fell men, monsters, and even gods from arms reach when Kratos flicks his wrists.

video game swords for sale

Next, comes a comeback story from Starbound, where one of the first weapons your character gets is a broken broadsword. It’s alright and does about as well as you’d expect a broken broadsword to do. However, for the players who kept it (or just forgot to throw it out), it can be upgraded in the endgame to the most powerful sword in the game. You can carve up your foes with the blade as is, or use abilities to make it even more powerful.

Skyrim is a mythical fantasy land that comes with a host of weapons for the player to use in their crusade against the dragon crisis. However, the best blade has to be Dragonbane. Found in the ruins on an old temple, the player can equip the blade in the midgame, with its enchantment doing bonus damage to dragons and leveling with the player. It’s pretty awesome to charge against a dragon with this sword in your hand.

But a blade doesn’t have to be named or have an ability to be special, and as long as the sword serves you wellÂ… then that makes it the best.

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