Iconic Guitar Behind Iconic Rock Star

turner model 1 guitar

Most fans of popular music will know that it is the iconic presentation that seems to make all the difference to their adoration of their favorite instrument playing stars. A sect of discerning followers of the folk rock genre may still be listening to their old vinyl’s of rare Fleetwood Mac collections. In the later years of this iconic band’s evolution, Lindsey Buckingham came to the party and added two distinct set pieces.

The first was his rare voice, adding something mellow and lilting, along with the haunting vocals of Stevie Nicks, to the hard rock components with which the original band members began with. The second set piece contribution that Buckingham brought to the band was his distinct rick turner model 1 guitar. This iconic guitar, or at least its replications can be purchased by amateur and professional guitarists alike.

But they should know that even as an almost new purchase, these guitars and its strings are expensive. But the purveyors of these instruments do endeavor to keep the used guitars in mint condition. The Rick Turner Model 1 C LB remains famous for being the lead singer and guitarist’s main stage instrument. The entire LB series available to fans of the Fleetwood Mac sets are fully bound, both top and back.

The model 1 has a highly contoured ergonomic body. But all models in this rare series feature black fiber binding around its fingerboards and peg heads. These guitars offer its players versatility, from passive model running with volume and tone control to high headroom at eighteen volts. Amp-up and preamp options allow for a blending of a piezo or secondary magnetic pickup. The guitar is burgundy and mahogany in color. The fingerboard is in bound rosewood while the back strap overlay is multi-layered.

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