Belt Buckles For Girls Too

So much talk about boys, big grown boys with trucks and all, and their toys, and hardly any talk about the girls. Let’s give them a turn. And who says a boys western belt buckle can’t be worn by a girl? Okay, guess you’ve got to be a bit practical here because apparently size still matters, boys and girls too. Useless then buying one of those huge man-sized buckles for a petite little lady. So, size select very carefully those of you who’re going to be sticking around online. You might want to take your time.

Don’t get the wrong size in a hurry. It’s not that it can’t be replaced. It’s just that now you’ve got to wait around a while more while the shipping goes backwards and forwards again. There are cowboy belt buckles for boys. But there are cowboy belt buckles for girls too. Didn’t you know? Or have you forgotten. Even cowgirls get the blues. Yup, there’s still cowgirls out there too. They may be rough and tough like the cowboys, but let’s not forget how fashion conscious the ladies like to be. And you’d be so surprised.

boys western belt buckle

You’d be so surprised how fussy and particular the little ‘uns are these days. Mommy, buy me this, mommy, buy me that, that sort of thing. You get the drift. Or maybe you’re one of those folks who’ve managed to whip up a bit of discipline on the home ranch. Well, good on yer then. Now, be nice folks. When you shop for new belts and buckles and hats and boots for the fellers, don’t forget to have a good look-see for the gals as well. Because get this. Word’s out that they like the western style belt buckles too.